Kai Krause Con tact • Pro tect

There is a contact email address - but a few caveats are probably meaningful:

In the past I had literally an avalanche of people trying to propose all manner of things. Since 1999 there were many hundreds of emails, phone calls, portfolios and the ever present business-plans, (most of them rather inspired works of fiction).

There are still large numbers of people who see me as nothing but a quick source of capital, or advice, or design help, or a contact to Silicon Valley, or Hollywood, and preferably all of the above… but I do have to seriously discourage that as a reason to write an email…

Still drowning in proposals of all kinds, the simple answer is: I do not actually invest, in anything or anyone, I am already flooded with ideas and directions, please do not look to me as the solution to any such problems. Often it is well-meant and positive, but in wishful thinking they project a persona on me that is simply not real, and does not reflect my current life.

In fact, quite a few things already fell between the cracks over the years - and I wholeheartedly apologize if you have sent me some major tome with 2o detailed questions - which may have ended up in a big pile by the team helping me. Many times I never even saw them, and often I would have liked to respond but simply ran out of attoseconds of attention to deal with it all. It is the obvious reason why I am also not present on Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn or G+, there is just no way to keep up with connectivity without at the same time drowning the chance for real work to get done, ever.

So if you still think there is a good reason to write a few lines, knowing that in all likelihood there may not even be any reply at this point…, here is an address that will at least be read by someone on the team: ‘contact.kai’ at ‘subblue.com’

This domain, subblue.com, is a property of renowned coder-artist Tom Beddard, a Brit based in Scotland. He has contributed a great deal to the web, from his code and filters, like Droste and Escher, to the generative graphics images and animations - you may well have seen his inspiring work for years, without recognizing the name behind ‘subblue’.

Our collaboration on Frax (with Ben Weiss, it being his baby, centered on the math engine) was an extremely enriching experience and I am happy - and even proud - to be associated with Tom and this domain as a homestead for the moment.

A few nice words are always welcome of course : )